PURPOSE: What was God thinking?

Sometimes I wonder, I really do. What in the world was God thinking? I mean, He is pretty smart … in fact, He is all knowing. He knows the END from the BEGINNING. So why did He create us? Why did He put us here? 

I look at this question like this. If someone asked me to start a new side project – like home remodeling or fixing up a beat up old car – and I knew from the very BEGINNING it was going to be a 100% massive pain in the behind. I wouldn’t touch it. I wouldn’t even start that project. I honestly have far better things to do with my time. Why deal with the grief?!?!? 

Take a peek at the world around us. Things aren’t easy. I mean, He has my back … but life isn’t always a hoot. In fact, globally – I’d say God is pretty busy keeping a lid on things. Pain, hurt, fear, pride, death, war, hate, murder, famine, sadness, hurricanes, earthquakes, addiction, financial stress, disease … so why did He from the beginning decide to deal with all this? 

How could God … knowing in advance … go through with the plan of creation knowing that He’d have to watch His kids go through some hard stuff? 

I mean, as a parent, I have a hard enough time just watching my teenage son make it through hours of church worship practice when he doesn’t feel well. If he hurts, I hurt. So, how was God willing to create a place where He’d have to watch His kids suffer with overdue mortgage payments or debilitating sickness? 

Well, He had to of DESIRED us! A lot! 

So, I think about another of His creations … angels. 

When I ponder in my rambling mind about angels (I don’t want to get into a theological or biblical debate about them) but it seems to me that they were created for a specific purpose. I’d have to imagine that their purpose is to be highly obedient to God and carry out His specific will. Seems to me like they have an important job to do … and they do it with great efficiency. As a creation, I have to also figure that they merely operate within their job description. Sort of like how an employee loves/adores their job and employer … and they carry out the wishes of the loving boss with great joy. I’m not sure to what degree, but there may or may not be some room for personal angelic creativity in getting the will of the boss done … but angels get the job done the right way! Yes, seriously … this is how I think! 

But, people on earth … we have 100% free will. 

Free will implies complete free choice. Free will implies our decisions can be all, part, or nothing! 

Yet, God doesn’t want “robotic-like” employees formed in His own image worshipping Himself – rather, The Lord wants people to want Him! That is why we were created as beings in the first place! That is why we were put here! We were created for intimate FELLOWSHIP with God. We were knit together by Him in our mother’s womb and we were purposed in Him before the beginning of time. 

Unlike the angels, our God desires to be loved out of our own choosing and He wants to pour out His love on you. What’s more, no matter your past or present level of moral stupidity … He wants to pour out His love to others through you! 

Look at it like this, if you have kids, I assume that you “made” your kiddos because you wanted to be with them and because you wanted them to experience your love. Well, would you want your own kids to love you because you FORCE them to love you … or because they WANT to love you of their own desire? God is no different. 

Since The Lord created spiritual beings for the purpose of expressing actions and feelings of love (to both Him and to others), then those beings must have 100% complete free will in order to express that love. Loving someone or even “something” is a personal choice that we make on our own accord – it is virtually impossible to have feelings of “love” without having complete free will. The Lord isn’t going to make someone love Him – no, He is not going to tamper with our free will. But, for as long as we live on this earth, He will do everything He can to get our attention! 

Getting back to all the crazy chaos on earth that God has to deal with. To Him it’s worth it. You are worth it. Why? Because NOTHING is bigger than God … NO–THING. Yes, Jeremiah 32:27 (NIV) says, “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” And, He knows that His Grace (Jesus) is more than sufficient enough to carry His children through whatever comes their way! 

Therefore, He figures anything His kids go through … He can handle. Any challenge His kids may face … will be opportunities to reveal who He is INSIDE of them! Each challenge becomes an opportunity to demonstrate His power and love to us, through us, and around us. Oh how bright is the light in the darkness! John 1:5 

Everything we need can be found at the foot of the cross. Everything we need was provided BEFORE time began. How do I know? Our provision, The Lamb of God was slain … yes, before the creation of the world. Not just 2,000 years ago … but before time began. Before the earth was put in motion with all of its hardships … before the clock had started here on earth … His provision was already made. 

God knew, yes He knew the headaches that would come with His own creation … and He already provided for His cherished people. He birthed you with great purpose in the plan of His kingdom. He desires you. He desires to fellowship and commune with you. He adores you, and you were made for His joy. And, His joy is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10)! 

God loves fixer uppers. You and I are His best work! 

Revelation 13:8 (NIV) 

8 All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.

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