Love Rant :)

My wife loves my son. So very much. 

When Max was younger, my wife **worried** about him being able to tie his shoes on his own at school. So, she got him Velcro sneakers. 

Seemed like a good idea. 

Well, the kid couldn't tie his shoes on his own until 5th grade! Why? That was when he out grew all the Velcro shoes at the mall. 

Let's just say Max was embarrassed for a few weeks in 5th grade trying to get his shoes tied. 

At some point, love ***ceases*** to be love. Yes, what we humans see as love - sometimes is really just fear, pride, or selfishness wrapped in a layer of love. 

Good parents expect from their children. 
Good parents tell their kids no at times. 
Good parents teach and model discipline. 
Good parents allow their kids to have moments of frustration. 
Good parents set boundaries and limits. 
Good parents are able to listen more than they speak. 
Good parents allow safe, non-harmful, natural consequences as a learning and growing tool. 

Much the same. 

God's love doesn't enable our poor behavior. 
God's love doesn't excuse us from our call. 
God's love doesn't mock people. 
God's love doesn't exalt ourselves over others. 
God's love doesn't place self over kingdom. 
God's love doesn't use the word "love" as a weapon. 

God's love does correct. 
God's love does discipline. 
God's love does rebuke. 
God's love does endure. 
God's love does discern. 
God's love does protect. 
God's love does find a way. 
God's love does hurt and cry with us. 
God's love does equip. 
God's love does provide. 
God's love does say no and not yet. 
God's love does honor promises with yes and amen. 

Perfect love is able to teach perfect independence. 
Perfect love is able to judge and remain perfect. 
Perfect love is able to co-labor. 
Perfect love is able to trust. 
Perfect love is able to form character. 
Perfect love is able to foster obedience. 
Perfect love is able to keep no record of wrongs. 
Perfect love is able honor those you don't like. 

Yes. God's love will always prevail. But don't expect Him to do things your human way .... and that's for your own growth and benefit as a son or daughter. 

He wants us free of self. Free of fear. Free of agenda. Free of sorrow. Free of hurt. Free of our faults and failures. Free of anything and all that comes between us and our purpose in Him. 

Thankfully. We can count on His love to *never* be wrapped around fear, pride, or selfishness. But. We can also very much count on His love to perfectly strip ourselves of the thorns and thistles that stunt our own growth. 

Trees that are lovingly pruned, will always bear more fruit.

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