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Peeps. Yesterday’s faith will not sustain you tomorrow.  

More shaking is coming to the globe and the USA much much more. You will need a fresh daily faith, a fresh bold response to the faith deposited within you.  

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Peer Pressure: All Saved

A few years ago I had friends pressuring me to agree that everyone is saved - everyone gets a free pass to heaven. And honestly, they had points I had no solid answers for … but when I cried out…

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Curses: Are They Real? 

Many well-intentioned ministers will tell you that curses don’t exist on this side of the cross, and they get there using this verse: 

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us—for it…

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Blessed to be a Blessing

Mind blown. I’ve never read this verse this way before. 

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe 1) that he exists and 2) that he rewards those who…

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Religion and a Hot Mic

This will get me unfriended, and that’s ok. 

  • Religion is dangerous, no doubt. 
  • Religion itself is a thief to spirit born freedom. 
  • Religion is a yoke and constricts the anointing. 

But, to me, the most dangerous thing about…

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A few days ago someone came to my home to power wash the exterior of the house. He was super nice, real young, and his business was just 2 weeks old. 

I asked to pray over him and his…

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Remember, as things continue to shake around the globe … the devil wants you to *ABORT* the life of His Spirit growing in you.  

He’s in you. His gift of life sits in you. 

Peeps. His spirit dwells…

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Peeps. The only way to be free FROM sin is to be free TO sin. You got it. If you don’t have a choice, you aren’t really free.  

You died. Sin doesn’t have a hold on you, and the…

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Top Gun

For those who haven’t yet seen Top Gun - go, it’s amazing. 

I tend to spiritualize everything, but there’s one scene in the movie that I think is critical for the church today. 

Maverick shows up the first…

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If the rapture is your escape plan, let’s see what Jesus says, 

“I do NOT ask that you take them out of the world, but that you KEEP them from the evil one. 16 They are not of the…

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Coming Judgment

Remember. Peter, the rock who the entire church was built upon said, 

“For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who…

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Be Filled

Folks, you aren’t a cup filled with water. You are the main sail on a sailboat.  

Cups are stagnant, and non moving.  

Sails wait patiently for the wind.  
Sails learn the ways of the wind.  
Sails romance and…

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The newly recruited disciples turn to Jesus and say, “so, where are you staying?” And Jesus says to them, “come and you will see.” 

Folks. That word “staying” is menō or to abide. Yep. Jesus literally told the disciples…

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The Blood

Very few things are as powerful as declaring the blood of Jesus when praying OUT LOUD. 

  • The blood reminds the devil of his defeat. 
  • The blood reminds sickness who is Boss. 
  • The blood reminds circumstance to bow. 
  • The blood…
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Blessed to be a Blessing

Abram was unconditionally promised descendents that are as vast as grains of sand on the beach or the number of stars in heaven. In fact, Abram was promised that through him all the nations on earth would be blessed.  

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Son of Man

Every miracle Jesus did.  
Every person healed.  
Every demon cast out.  
Every resurrection encounter.  
Every life touched.  
Every disciple recruited and grown.  
Every sermon taught.  
Every ministerial moment.  
Every insult received.  
Every tear shed.  
Every betrayal weathered.  
Every temptation withstood.  …

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What If

What if everything we thought we knew about our spiritual inheritance, the riches of Christ, the glory of God, and what’s rightfully ours was turned completely upside down? 

We spend so much time learning, reading, chasing other people’s teachings…

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Hydrogen Bomb

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I saw people getting saved and a military plane fly overhead. It dropped a hydrogen bomb marked NUMBER 6 (man, world) into the ocean. 

No, this isn't WW3 - it's…

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It's TIME! 

When the Israelites left Egypt, The Lord took them KNOWINGLY on a much longer route that was blocked off by the Red Sea. Instead of the shorter route where they'd have freaked out over wars with the Philistines ... they…

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Red Sea

Imagine Moses and the masses at the Red Sea. Backs to the wall. Enemy army advancing. Everyone whining, complaining, thinking they were going to die, and openly wishing they hadn’t left Egypt (their place of bondage). 

And. What does…

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