Lori Caplin We are so grateful you have taken this opportunity to visit our site. As with all of our visitors we hope you find what you are seeking, and that our uniquely delivered message helps you find greater peace, along with a freshly heightened awareness of your true identity in Christ. 

At the very core of Alan and Lori Caplin’s message is the desire to see the broken hearted radically restored, captives set free, and the prisoners released from a blinding darkness that is all too often self-imposed (Isaiah 61:1).

The world is hard - for sure - but many times we put hurts, frustrations, limitations, and burdens on ourselves that God had never intended for us to bear. We are His children, co-heirs to what's His, vessels of clay filled with His treasure ... and born with great, great purpose that had been established by God long before time began. Our best work, will always come from a position of rest. 

As all of creation eagerly awaits the unveiling of the children of God, we pray that more and more of Christ in you may be revealed! Yes! Those who the Son has ALREADY set free ... are free indeed! (Romans 8:18-21, John 8:36)  Read more ... 

Meet Alan and Lori

Alan Caplin graduated in 1990 from Boston University with a Bachelors in Business Administration, and Alan also earned a Masters Degree in School Counseling from the University of North Texas in 2000.

Alan and his wife Lori moved to Dallas, Texas in 1991, where Alan has spent nearly 25 years working as an educator and counselor. Alan and Lori have one son, Maxwell … who rocks out on the guitar, loves The Lord with all his heart, and is a really good kid!

Alan and Lori were raised in Jewish homes, were bar and bat mitzvahed, and have spent most of their adult lives dedicated to reaching Jew and Gentile with the love of Messiah!  Read more ... 

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, WHY is there a rapture coming in the first place? Truly, the answer is that the rapture is about a glorious WEDDING with His chosen bride, not about a high stakes rescue operation! Jesus doesn’t have self-esteem or co-dependency issues and isn’t about to marry down … the groom is preparing the bride to do greater things than He ever did (John 14:12). But the bride is also living day to day unaware that she is being fitted for her dress!

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